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ZHUOMAO YOUPIN® MacMat is a geomat of thick polyamide filaments designed to be secured to vulnerable slope face to prevent surface erosion from run-off.


MacMat-R turf reinforcement matting is a unique composite material of MacMat and Maccaferri's double twist hexagonal woven mesh reinforcement.

MacMat-R is a three-dimensional matrix of UV stabilized, non-degradable synthetic fibres, heat bonded where they cross. It is used for long-term erosion protection applications and it immediately increases the soil’s resistance to erosion by providing an environment that enhances the growth of vegetation through the mat.

MacMat-R is made from an open three-dimensional mesh with a high open area to hold soil and provide a medium for root reinforcement. The double twist mesh provides resistance to rupture of the geomat on steep slopes when soil filled as well as improving the efficiency of soil anchors.


Provides a zone for encouraging growth of vegetation

Independently tested for hydraulic performance

Combined use of a geocomposite reduces to 50% the installation costs over a double layer system

Increases the shear resistance along the soil surface

Protects seeded topsoil from washout

Extremely high tensile strength

Mesh gives stability to mat for very steep slopes where soil cover is limited

Mesh limits damage to polymer mat.

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