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Reno Mattress Factory

Reno Mattress Factory

Reno Mattresses are cages, made of double twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh. They are delivered in flat packages, assembled and filled with stone at the project site to form flexible and permeable monolithic structures such as stream bank protection and channel liners for erosion control.Reno Mattresse is divided into uniformly separated cells by internal diaphragms.

Our Reno Mattresses are made of high quality steel wire that is extensively galvanized to provide long-term corrosion protection. The additional protective polymer coating is also suitable for gabions that will be used in more corrosive environments or where a longer design life is required.

Our Reno Mattresses are manufactured in our facilities around the world. Many of our plants are ISO 9001 certified for their management and production systems.

Reno Mattress Factory

Reno Mattress Factory

Gabion mattresses/Reno mattresses are metal wire baskets of various sizes and dimensions with internal cells filled together to form a strong and flexible structure. They are made of heavy-duty, twisted hexagonal wire mesh reinforced by heavier wire extending along the edges. Even if cut, the wires will not come apart. Gabion mattresses/Reno mattresses are a cost-effective option for your project because assembly is easy, no specialized labor is required, and nearby rocks are used for padding.

 Reno mattresses are divided into evenly separated units by internal diaphragms.

Advantages of the gabion mattress/Reno mattress. 

Economical. Only the cost of rocks and wire baskets, with lower labor costs.

Simple construction, no special skills required.

Strong ability to withstand natural damage and resist corrosion and adverse weather effects.

Withstand a wide range of deformation without collapse.

Planted with mud between the crevices of the cage rock and integrated with the surrounding natural environment.

Has good permeability to prevent damage caused by static fluids.

Save transportation cost. Can be folded up and assembled on site.


Water or flood control and guidance.

Protection against debris. 

Protection from falling rocks.

Soil and water protection

Bridge and road protection

Soil reinforcement structures

Coastal zone protection works

 Port works

Dust control walls

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