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Road Mesh
Road Mesh
Road Mesh

Road Mesh

Road mesh is a unique bi-directional high strength steel reinforcement used in new or rehabilitated asphalt pavements to provide solutions for reflective cracking, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting.

Road Mesh Description

Road Mesh - Road Mesh Reinforcement

Road Mesh is planar grid material used for the structural reinforcement of asphalt pavements. Placed within the upper bound layers of the pavement Road Mesh reinforces the asphalt layers, extending fatigue life, minimising disruption through pot-holes and resurfacing works.

Road Mesh provides lateral restraint to the asphalt, which improves resistance to rutting and shoving. The Road Mesh absorbs and ultimately reduces the peak tensile stresses caused by the presence of reflected cracks and/or traffic.

Road Mesh is engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, with integral transverse reinforcement bars woven into the mesh. Road Mesh is unrolled into position and secured appropriately before the upper asphalt layers are placed.


Hexagonal road mesh has strong resistance ability to natural destruction and bad weather like heavily rainfall.

It can absorb the tensile stresses beneath the asphalt layer.

It helps to lock the asphalt aggregates to increase the structure stability.

It provides extra toughness to the overall road structure.

It helps to share the load from asphalt road and therefore minimize the structure deformation at maximum.

It helps to reduce the construction time and thickness of asphalt layer for its perfect cooperation with asphalt and concrete.

It helps to reduce crack reflection, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting and therefore keeps road in a optimum condition over a minimum of 10 years.

It ensures a high-traction and mud-free surface all year round.

It suits for projects that on a limit budget condition.

Installation: Hexagonal wire mesh should be unrolled onto the surface and flattened to it by a roller. Then it should be fixed using nails before aggregate and asphalt applying. To increase the deformation resistance ability, two layer of mesh could be overlapped.


For transportation convenience, the hexagonal road mesh is supplied in rolls, normally in a length of 25 m to 50 m.

Specifications of Road Mesh

Mesh Sizes(mm)Road mesh dimensionsMaterialWire diameter(mm)
Length(M)Width(M)Hot dipped galvanized, GalfanMesh Wire: 2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm.
Reinforcement bar: 3.4mm, 3.8mm

Other specifications can also be customized processing.

Road Mesh Applications

Road Mesh is widely used as a bonding layer for new or rehabilitated pavements in civil construction. It can provide solutions for cracking, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting. It is recommended to lay the road grid between the asphalt and bituminous layers. The depth of the road mesh varies depending on the pavement quality and the requirements of the geometric characteristics of each layer of the road.

- The road network is mainly used for the repair or reconstruction of highways and urban roads, especially for soft ground, to increase the bearing capacity of the road surface and prevent rutting and cracking.

- The road network can also be used to repair the upper layers of existing roads to improve road performance and reduce road deformation. It can also extend the life of the road surface.

- The road mesh reinforcement can be used for asphalt, concrete and turf pavements.

- The road mesh reinforcement is used on high traffic, normal and light roads to prevent reflective cracking, extend the life of the road and provide a comfortable driving experience for drivers.

- The road mesh is used in equestrian applications such as stables, day yards, arenas and other high-use areas where horses immediately turn gravel and sand into the mud.

- The road mesh is suitable for a wide range of applications from private driveways, mine access roads to aircraft roads, as long as it is used for road structural reinforcement purposes.


Polyester geogrid can only help to inhibit reflective cracking, whereas hexagonal wire mesh additionally structurally reinforces pavement, there for it is suitable for road innovation by resurfacing, but also for new-road build construction as foundation, for road widening project.

Hexagonal road mesh could be used for asphalt, concrete, turf pavements.

Hexagonal road mesh can be used for heavy, normal and light traffic road to prevent presence of reflected cracks and prolong the road service life, provide driver comfortable driving experience.

Hexagonal road mesh is suitable for equestrian purpose, such as stables, day yard, arenas, and other high use areas where horses would otherwise turn gravel and sand to mud in no time.

It suits for a wide range of application from private driveway, mine access road to airplane road as long as for a road structural reinforcement purpose.

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