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Zhuoda is a gabion supplier from China, we are gabion basket suppliers from China, can provide gabion for garden stone wall and fence 

 We can supply all types and all sizes

A gabion, from the Italian word for cage, is a strong container filled with inorganic materials such as rock, concrete, sand and soil and, in some construction applications, glass rock. These cages are made from site-specific materials including galvanised steel, stainless steel, raw steel, PVC-coated steel and copolymer plastic. They are designed to withstand a wide range of weather and site conditions and are renowned for their incredible versatility.

Gabions are extremely useful in civil engineering, military applications, road construction, general landscape elements, foundations, erosion control and construction elements. Some of the fastest growing applications for gabions include construction fencing and veneer structures and for stabilising shorelines against erosion as they form flexible and permeable structures.

Gabion Baskets for Sale

Zhuoda is proud to be one of the gabion wire mesh factory in China. We sell gabion baskets for a wide range of civil construction and building products. We are proud to offer the widest range of high quality gabions, all types and all sizes, including custom made gabions.


Water permeability

Gabion walls are known for their permeability. This means that they require less drainage and, in some cases, no additional drainage behind the wall surface as less hydrostatic pressure builds up.


Gabion walls are sustainable because they are filled with minimally processed stone, a natural resource that can be sourced locally. If required and with proper maintenance, vegetation can grow, so the gabion walls can be integrated into the environment. Furthermore, in terms of CO2 emissions, gabion retaining walls have a lower carbon footprint than conventional concrete retaining walls of the same size.


Our gabion walls are designed to be durable because they are flexible and can move with the earth. Unlike hard materials such as concrete that can crack over time, gabions can move and settle with the natural movements of the earth.

Explore all your options with our wide range of standard and bespoke gabion products. Choose from a wide range of materials and finishes, including galvanised steel, galvanised steel with PVC coating, stainless steel and plastic copolymers.


Gabion retaining walls 

Custom framed gabions 

Gabion mattresses

Gabion benches

Slope stabilisation

Construction walls 

Acoustic walls

Privacy walls

Wall veneer

Seawall/beach protection

Flood protection 

Gabion dams and weirs

Pig pens and tools

Geographical grids 

Glass rocks

Gabion Accessories 

Falling Rock Mesh

 If you want to find china durable gabion box, or deco gabion manufacturer, you can contact us, we have gabion wall cages and gabion wire baskets for sale.

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