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Gabion Mattress manufacturer

Gabion Mattress manufacturer

Gabions are widely used for erosion control, stream bank stabilization, river training and landscaping because of their good permeability, flexibility and monolithic structure. They can be easily on the work site.

Zhuomao has been engaged in the field of gabion production. Our company uses high quality thick wire corrosion resistant wire, which is resistant to wear and corrosion and other unfavorable factors.

What is a gabion mattress?

A gabion mattress is a shorter, flatter shaped gabion basket. Woven or welded gabion mattresses are connected by tie wires to create permanent erosion control in channels, stream banks, spillways and slopes. Due to its excellent flexibility, permeability and overall structure, it has proven to be a sturdy alternative to traditional cast stone concrete structures.

What is a gabion basket?

A gabion is a box-like container of metal wire filled with stone, concrete or sometimes sand. Flexibility is an important advantage of any gabion structure. It ensures that gabion structures can withstand impact stresses without deforming, cracking or breaking like concrete and other rigid materials.

What is the life expectancy of a gabion?

The life expectancy of a gabion depends on the durability of the wire, not the contents of the cage. When the metal wire fails, the gabion structure will fail. Galvanized wire is the most common. PVC coated and stainless steel wire is increasingly used in many applications. It is estimated that PVC-coated galvanized gabion products will last about 60 years.

Where are gabion mattresses and gabion baskets used?

To contain erosion, gabion boxes filled with suitable stones are used.

For dam or foundation construction, cylindrical metal structures are applied.

For military applications, he/sco barriers are used to protect our soldiers from fires and explosions. For residential or commercial areas, gabion walls add a unique view to the general environment.

What gabion products do you offer?

As an experienced and specialized manufacturer, we offer a variety of gabions including gabion baskets, gabion bags, he/sco barriers, woven or hexagonal gabions, welded gabions and gabion mattresses.

Gabion Mattress manufacturer

Gabion baskets and Reno mattresses are wire baskets of various sizes and dimensions. They contain internal partitions that are filled with stone and joined together at the site to create a strong, permeable, flexible soil retention structure.Reno mattresses are similar in construction to gabion baskets, except that these units are relatively wide and less deep. They are commonly used as revetment mats, channel liners, seawalls, weirs, or foundations under gabion baskets.

Because gabion baskets and Reno mattresses are easy to assemble, they do not require skilled labor. They can also be filled with material already on site. Therefore, there is no need to purchase additional filler, making them a cost effective option for your project. The choice of gabion baskets and Reno mattresses depends on the application and site conditions. Please contact us for more information. We welcome the opportunity to offer our services.

Gabion Mattress manufacturer

Gabion Mesh Types

Woven wire gabion baskets and Reno mattresses are made of heavy-duty, twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh. The thick gauge woven wire provides reinforcement along the edges, while the flexible construction allows them to twist and conform to changes in the land.


Double twisted hexagonal wire mesh that is galvanized prior to being twisted into mesh. Fasteners and lacing wires are also composed of the same galvanized wire.

Consider using galvanized woven wire gabion baskets or Reynolds mattresses

Dry conditions, not submerged below the water table

Non-corrosive soil or water applications

PVC coating

Twisted hexagonal wire mesh is made of the same galvanized steel wire with an additional polyethylene coating (PVC). Fasteners are also stainless steel and the tether wire is the same PVC coating as the net.

Consider using PVC woven wire gabion baskets or Reynolds mattresses

Wet conditions, submerged below water level

For corrosive soil or water applications


Products that can withstand environmental stresses such as channel or foundation shifts, soil pressure and high velocity wave impacts are critical to the success of a project. Due to the flexibility of the wire, gabion baskets and Reno mattresses will settle, twist and conform to changes in the land. In addition, the strength of the wires contains the fill material while resisting the stresses applied to them. Consider using geotextiles as a separating layer or inside to reduce the amount of fill. Planting gabion baskets and Reno mats also make them ideal for bioengineering projects.

Mass Gravity Retaining Structures

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls

Vegetated slope stabilization

Slope stabilization

Slope stabilization

Channel lining and channel relocation

Slope and Embankment Protection

Bank and riparian protection

Weirs, groins and docks

Discard structures

Culvert outlet berm and end walls

Bridge abutments

Erosion control

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