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Named after one of the first interventions by Maccaferri over 100 years ago, the gabion reno mattress is now synonymous with water engineering and erosion protection projects around the world.

The Reno Mattress Gabion is a cage made of twisted hexagonal braided steel mesh. They are delivered in flat packs, assembled and filled with stone at the project site to form flexible and permeable monolithic structures such as river bank protection and channel linings for erosion control. The Reno Mattress Gabion is divided into evenly spaced units by an internal diaphragm.

Our Reno Mattress Gabion is made from high-quality steel wire that is heavily galvanized for long-term corrosion protection. An additional protective polymer coating is also available for gabions that will be used in more corrosive environments or require a longer design life.

Our Reno Mattress Gabion is produced in our reno mattress factory in China. The management and production systems of many of our factories are ISO 9001 certified.

A Reno Mattress Gabion is a mattress-shaped container made of heavily galvanized wire that creates a flexible and effective surface protection against erosion and scour. The flexible wire mesh will accommodate significant deformation without failure. The bottom and sides of the mattress are made from a single sheet of wire mesh (the main panel). The partitions (partitions) are made of the same wire mesh as the main panel and are attached to the bottom of the main panel, dividing the gabion mattress into 3-foot units. The cover is made from a single piece or a roll of specified length made of the same wire as the main board.


The Reno mattress is made of double-twisted hexagonal mesh with the new polymer coating Polimac, measuring 6m x 2m and less than 500mm thick. Reno mattresses are filled with stones on site to form a flexible, permeable monolithic structure for river and canal riparian protection works as well as erosion control and scour protection of slopes. Hydraulic testing of the Reno mattress has shown that by including rock in the cells of the mattress, the resistance to rock movement at high flow rates can be significantly reduced, allowing channel lining works to use less and less rock. Reno mattresses are highly permeable, ideal for promoting plant regeneration along waterways and in environmentally sensitive areas.


Customized reno mattress provides permanent solutions for hydraulic applications such as weirs and for scour protection along river banks and embankment stability for channel linings.


Gabions and reno mattresses offers several advantages over other methods of stabilizing embankments, including a double diaphragm that improves rockfill confinement and thus structural integrity. Because Reno Mattress Gabion is made from one continuous mesh panel with no joints to weaken the structure, it can be filled on site or pre-filled and put in place. Since the alignment is straight, there is also no need to adjust the diaphragm position. Other advantages include:

Improve soil bank stability

Protect soil from erosion and scour

Flexibility to match existing soil profiles

New high-performance polymer coating Polimac maintains durability in a variety of environments

Can provide ecosystem regeneration area

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