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Landscape Gabion
Landscape Gabion
Landscape Gabion
Landscape Gabion
Landscape Gabion

Landscape Gabion

The landscape gabion offers an easy way to build a strong retaining wall wherever you need to keep out the wind, precipitation, etc.Made of rustproof and weather-resistant galvanised steel, the gabion basket is very stable and durable

Landscape Gabion

Landscape Gabion basket is one of the most straightforward things that someone can make for their garden. It is merely a large mesh cage that is filled with earth. You can fill them with sand and soil, rocks, or concrete. They are easy to build and can be a great way to quickly build a wall or structure in case of a severe weather emergency. 

Gabions and wire mesh panels are the latest in landscaping ideas

Gabion landscape walls and fencing are now the newest idea in residential fencing and soil conservation solutions and are specified by many landscape contractors and architects for new homes and renovations

Landscaping with gabion netting is a proven and environmentally friendly construction system

A wire basket filled with natural stone blends harmoniously with the landscape

For Zhuoda, laying out and building your own retaining wall or fence is a simple task

If you're looking for ways to update your landscape, we can help. Our high-quality gabion wall system refreshes the outdoor landscape. Gabions are solid mesh walls filled with various natural-looking products such as rock, sand, soil or concrete.

Due to the flexibility of mesh panels, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our extensive inventory makes it easy to find the right look for your outdoor space.

Gabion walls are the perfect solution for creating a safe and attractive space on your property. They add a unique and natural design element to any yard. They are kid friendly and good for the environment.

Gabion retainers also aid in soil erosion and sediment control, and provide drainage to reduce standing water. Affordable and easy to install, gabions are a sustainable solution to your landscaping needs

What are the benefits of gabion walls?


Gabions look natural and can connect the home to the landscape using infill material excavated from the site or local terrain. Customize your gabion designs for your lifestyle and existing environment, filling them with unique personal items!

Environmental friendly:

Transportation costs and associated fuel consumption can be eliminated when on-site materials are used as fillers.

Easy installation and built-in strength:

The stone infill settles to the contours of the ground below it and has the frictional strength that does not require a foundation. In fact, the strength and effectiveness of walls may increase over time as silt and vegetation fill in voids and strengthen the structure. Another advantage compared to more rigid structures: the gabion can follow the movement of the ground. Because of their longevity, Gabion walls offer a timeless approach to design, function and style.


Used as shading screens in hot climates, gabion walls provide passive cooling; they allow the passage of air, providing ventilation.


Gabions are permeable and free-draining; they cannot be washed away by flowing water.

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How long do landscape gabion last?

As landscape gabion have a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion due to their highly galvanized steel mesh caging, they are hardy and long-wearing structures. Satisfactorily strong and capable of resisting large amounts of flood force, torrential rain and earth pressure, they can last anywhere from 10-100 years depending on the strength of material used and the skill of the constructor.

Especially moldable to natural surroundings, gabion baskets can work with vegetation and silt, securing their position and providing greater longevity. Though salt and pollution in the air can degrade gabion baskets, providing your structures have been sufficiently galvanized, the effect of this should be minimized.

Do I need a foundation for a gabion?

Unlike other structures, landscape gabion are not vulnerable to drainage issues as they are designed to be porous. On account of this, water cannot build up and cause structural failure. Though some soil assessment is useful for landscape gabion installations, it is not as imperative as it is with other landscaping structures.

Should you be building upon red clay, there is the potential for material to wash through landscape gabion. If this is the case, ensure that you use a geotextile cloth behind the basket structure to prevent any structural failure. You will not, however, need to use a concrete foundation for successful landscape gabion.

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