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A gabion is a rectangular cage or container made of wire mesh and filled with stones, rocks, or other suitable materials. It is commonly used in civil engineering and landscaping projects for various purposes, including erosion control, retaining walls, and construction of barriers or structures.

Advantages of Gabion Wall

Scalable and durable

Gabion walls can be applied to both massive structures and small-scaled projects. 

Made of durable wire mesh, they become stronger over time as vegetation is collected in the filling of the baskets.

Improves site productivity

Gabion walls can be constructed quickly and require low maintenance as compared to brick or concrete walls. They are also easy to handle and transport.

Permeable and reduces water erosion

They reduce the need for drainage pipes to be installed. 

Gabion walls are also effective for river banks as they reduce soil erosion and lower the velocity of water passing through it.

Environmentally friendly

They have a significantly lower carbon footprint than a concrete wall of the same height. Vegetation and recyclable materials can also be placed or established inside.


Retaining wall structures

Construction of walls or fences

Aesthetic purposes

River and canal training

Road protection

Soil protection

Bridge protection

Architectural cladding for walls and buildings

Filling Guidance 

Choose a hard, durable, non-degradable and free-draining material

Usually between 100mm-200mm diameter

Or at least larger than 75mm x 75mm mesh aperture

Pick angular stone for best interlocking potential = less deformation of the face

Quarried stone is preferred due to angular properties

Rounded stone has less interlocking potential. Use 4 or 5mm wire mesh

Ideally, all exposed faces should be hand-packed

If machine filling, take care to minimise large voids


Gabion baskets are a cost-effective, robust and easy-to-install solution for commercial and residential landscaping applications., including retaining walls, waterfront erosion control, garden steps, outdoor furniture and river control.

We supply gabion baskets in two finishes – galvanised and GALFAN-coated.

Our galvanised gabion baskets are made from hot-dipped galvanised steel and are ideal for creating stylish garden features. These smaller baskets should be filled with decorative cobbles or logs and can be joined together using the spiral wires provided. For larger, commercial projects such as retaining walls or erosion control, we would recommend using our GALFAN-coated steel gabion baskets for the ultimate corrosion protection and durability, with an increased life expectancy of up to 3x compared to galvanisation.

Larger in nature, these gabion baskets are better suited to being filled with our 100-200mm gabion limestone rock.


What is a gabion?

A modular containment system (called a gabion basket or cage) made from wire mesh and filled with rock, stone or other non-degradable materials.

Usually square, rectangular or trapezoidal in shape, these stone-filled units can be placed side by side and on top of each other for use in a range of construction projects e.g. gravity retaining walls.

How long will it last?

Gabion walls will last as long as the mesh wiring that holds them together. While you can reasonably expect any of these structures to last a long time, some of these lines can last up to 60 years!

Are they sometimes called stone cages?

Yes. Sometimes our customers refer to them as stone cages.  They have also been referred to as gabions, wire cages, rock cages.

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