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Do You Know the Gabion Box?

Jun. 28, 2023

Gabion boxesare made of heavy hexagonal mesh or welded wire mesh for controlling and directing water or floods, flood control levees or diversion dikes, preventing rock fragmentation, soil and water protection, bridge protection, soil reinforcement structures, protective works waterfront areas, harbor works, isolation boxes, road protection, etc.

Gabion Box

The benefits of gabion box

1. Flexibility.

One of the core reasons why gabion boxes have stood the test of time since they were used along the Nile is that they are very flexible and durable. Under tremendous pressure, gabion baskets will deform, bend or very slightly compress, rather than break. This is a functional feature that prevents loss of structural integrity and ultimately makes them stronger over time. In addition, not being anchored to the ground (like a normal box) means that all the small ground movements that occur naturally will be allowed.

2. Strength.

Although it may not look like it, the wire mesh that makes up a basket or cage is very strong under tension and can act as a reinforcement for the overall structure, not just a container. As silt and vegetation collect between the fill over time, they actually become stronger with age and form a natural permanent structure. Many people take advantage of this fact to use gabion baskets as bases for tables and benches.

3. Breathability.

The nature of the way gabion baskets are made means that there are spaces between the stone fillings. This allows air and water to pass through, thus allowing the entire structure to breathe.

4. Cost effective.

Made of wire mesh, gabion baskets are cheaper than most construction materials (like concrete) and can be easily assembled by anyone without having to buy heavy concrete or mix it yourself. Fillers like stone or crushed concrete can often be sourced locally and at a much lower cost. Labor costs can also be virtually eliminated as almost anyone can construct a gabion basket structure without having to hire someone to do it. The only exception is that if your structure is more than one meter high, we recommend that you consult a professional to ensure its safety.

5. Solid foundation.

One of the main advantages of gabion boxes over traditional boxes is that you don't need a traditional foundation - usually only a compacted fill layer like gravel is needed to keep the basket on its feet. You may think this means the base is not firmly planted in the ground, but this is not the case. As soon as you have the ground leveled and ready to place the boxes, the fill at the base of the basket sinks right into the ground, providing the frictional strength that keeps the basket in place and prevents the structure from being dragged away from a river or stream.

6. reduce erosion.

As mentioned above, the main benefit and practical use of gabion boxes is to reduce or prevent erosion. This works by absorbing the force of running water, as the energy is dissipated by the stone fill, thus protecting the area at risk of erosion. For this reason, they are used to support riverbanks and shorelines threatened by erosion. If you have a pond or stream, or if your garden backs up to a river, gabion boxes are a very practical way to protect the land.

How to install welded gabion box?

1. Ends, diaphragms, front and back panels are placed vertically on the bottom of the wire mesh.

2. Screw the spiral adhesive into the mesh holes of the adjacent panels to fix the panels.

3. Reinforcements should be placed at the corners, 300mm from the corners. provide diagonal support and crimp the lines and crosses on the front and sides. Nothing is required for internal cells.

4. Fill the gabion box with graded stone by hand or with a shovel.

5. After filling, cover and secure with spiral adhesive on diaphragm, ends, front and back.

6. When welding gabion boxes with stacked layers, the lid of the lower layer can be used as a base for the upper layer.

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