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How Thick Should a Gabion Wall Be?

Jan. 06, 2023

Gabion Wall

The gabion wall consists of a gabion basket. The baskets are made of heavy galvanized metal mesh. The builder fills the baskets with stones before using them to cover erodible areas. Gabion baskets can also be used to construct external walls. These walls are often used as retaining walls to prevent the movement of river banks or hills.


Basket sizes

Manufacturers produce gabion baskets in a variety of sizes. The minimum size is usually 12 inches. Fill a basket of this size with rocks no smaller than 3 inches or larger than 8 inches. The majority of the rocks in the basket should be approximately 5 inches in diameter. Baskets can be as large as 36 inches, which requires rocks about 6 inches in diameter. ZHUOMAO YOUPIN®Gabion can be used in landscapes as retaining walls, decorative site walls, seating walls, accent walls, and more. 

Gabion Basket

 Gabion Basket  

Wall Size

A wall can be made up of a single thickness of gabion baskets stacked on top of each other. This means that the thinnest gabion wall is 12 inches thick. Gabion wall systems usually use larger baskets at the base of the wall and thinner baskets at the top.


Wall heights

If properly constructed, gabion walls can extend up to 30 feet high. This requires proper building procedures to be followed, but does create a wall that cannot stabilise a high soil bank. The open nature of the rock-filled baskets allows water to drain through the structure and can be drained from the soil wall.


Wall construction

The base or foundation of the gabion wall provides support for the entire structure. Walls of 9 feet or more in height require a concrete base 6 feet wide. The base is sloped at a 6-degree angle towards the earth wall. This angle continues up the wall as the gabion blocks are stacked one on top of the other. This allows the basket to maintain pressure on the earth's embankment.


Gabion Wall

 Gabion Wall 

Advantages over brick walls, stone walls, or wooden fences

Gabion walls are more durable than concrete retaining walls. Although concrete is durable, it has a life span and will wear out over time. Gabion walls are more resistant to wear and tear and can even become stronger over time.


Gabion walls become stronger when soil and other organic materials fill the space between the cage and the rock. Gabion walls are also more flexible than concrete. Concrete walls can crack and crumble as the earth moves. Gabion walls move with the earth without reducing the protection they provide.


One of the best parts of gabion retaining walls is that you don't have to worry about installing a drainage system. Thanks to their porous surface, these walls can release hydrostatic pressure. In addition, gabion walls also take less time to build than other retaining methods.



The benefits of gabion walls

Gabion walls offer a variety of advantages that make them attractive for landscaping, construction, and other uses. These are some of the main reasons for building gabions.


Gabion walls are relatively inexpensive.

Gabion walls are much cheaper to build than retaining walls using stacked stones, bricks, pavers or concrete. Wire baskets are not expensive and you can choose the right infill material for your budget, including building trimmings, bricks or stones.


The material is easy to transport and can be moved at a later stage.

Gabion baskets and the infill material needed to build gabion walls are easier to transport than large stones and bricks. Even after building the gabion wall, you can later dismantle it and move it easily to a new location in your yard (or elsewhere).


Gabion walls can be built quickly.

Gabion walls are relatively simple to construct, they are short and do not require heavy equipment. Building a gabion wall is much easier than trying to build a dry stone retaining wall, especially if you have limited construction experience.


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