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Gabion Cages

Nov. 25, 2021

Gabion cage is a box-type structure composed of the machine-woven twisted hexagonal metal mesh surface. Gabion cages are filled with stones at the construction site to form a flexible, water-permeable and integral structure, and are widely used in retaining walls, river linings, and other supporting and blocking projects and preventing erosion. The cage is divided into several cells by partitions separated by one meter. In order to strengthen the strength of the gabion structure, steel wires with a larger diameter are used at the edges of all panels.

Gabion cage assembly:

1. The construction personnel assembles each cage to ensure that the cage is placed in an accurate construction position.

2. Bind the four corners of the gabion frame. The binding can be done with a lashing wire or a metal ring buckle.

3. Use lashing wires or metal rings to hold each mesh box for connection.

Gabion cages

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