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Reno Mattress VS Gabion Box: Which One to Choose?

Mar. 15, 2023

Reno Mattress are manufactured from 95% Zn and 5% Al coated double twist hexagonal wire mesh, and are normally supplied 6 x 2 m dimensions with a thickness less than 500mm. Mattress are filled with stones on site to create a flexible, permeable and monolithic structure for use in river and canal bank protection works as well as erosion control and scour protection of slopes.


Reno Mattress shall be manufactured with a 60 x 80 mesh type having a nominal mesh opening of 64 x 83 mm (2.5 by 3.25 in.). Tolerances on the mesh opening shall not exceed ± 10% on the nominal dimension D values.


They are delivered in flat pack form and then assembled on the project site before being filled with stone to form flexible, permeable monolithic structures such as river bank protection and channel lining for erosion control.Reno Mattresses are divided into evenly separated units by internal diaphragms.

Reno Mattress

 Reno Mattress

What are the benefits of Reno mattresses?

Reno Mattresses are made from high quality steel wire and are heavily galvanised to provide long-term corrosion protection. The additional protective polymer coating is also suitable for use in more aggressive environments or where longer design life is required for gabions.


What is a gabion box?

A gabion box is a metal cage with internal cells evenly separated and stitched together into square, rectangular or trapezoidal units. Each module must be attached to an adjacent module to form a monolithic structure which is filled with stones on site and stacked on top of another.


The stone fill allows water to flow through the structure while retaining the soil and providing the necessary hydrostatic pressure release. Thanks to the galvanised, PVC-coated and Galfan-coated surface of the wire. It makes the gabion baskets corrosion, rust and weather resistant, even in harsh conditions such as sun and rain.

Gabion Box

 Gabion Box

Depending on the use, gabions can be made into gabion boxes, gabion mattresses and sack gabions, which are made of the same material but differ only in height. Gabion boxes are square or rectangular cages.

The normal height of 0.5m-1m is a gabion wall. Gabion mattresses, on the other hand, are matted containers with a maximum height of 0.15-0.5m. Their height is more suitable for canals, dams, slopes, ramps and foundation equipment for hydraulic buildings. Gabion mattresses can easily duplicate the shape of the site topography.


The sack gabion is a cylindrical gabion basket. Galvanised face or PVC plastic face. It is also mainly used for river management such as river bank protection, bridge abutment scour protection and various emergency projects.


Difference Between Gabion Box and Reno Mattress

Gabion baskets and Reno mattresses are wire baskets of various sizes and dimensions. They contain internal diaphragms which are filled with stones and joined together on site to form strong, permeable, flexible earth retention structures.Reno mattresses are similar in structure to gabion baskets, except that these units are relatively wide and shallow in depth. They are commonly used as revetment mats, river liners, sea walls, weirs or as foundations under gabion baskets.


As gabion baskets and Reno mattresses are easy to assemble, they do not require skilled labour. They can also be filled with materials already available on site. There is therefore no need to purchase additional infill, making them a cost effective option for your project. The choice of gabion baskets and Reno mattresses depends on the application and site conditions. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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